The Truth of Changing

Friday night you promise that when Monday rolls around you will be healthy and active — Monday night you down a carton of ice-cream and forgo the gym for more time with friends.

He drops you off from a date and you wake up the next morning and promise yourself you really don’t need him and you’re finally going to take some time to “do you” —  the next time that he calls you, you excitedly accept his invitation for another date when you know He is not good for you.

You go weeks without calling your friends and family to see how they are doing and promise yourself you will start to be a better friend, brother, sister, daughter, nephew, etc— the same story: you don’t.

You may ask yourself “why did I just do it AGAIN?”… (or NOT do it again). You promise yourself time and time again you will change but why don’t you? You don’t want to be driven to make the choices you make but somehow you always end up in the same situations.

I know the vicious cycle because I promised myself a million times that I would change things in my life but I never permanently changed anything until I allowed God into my situation.

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!” says every Christian ever – heck even if you’re not a Christian you know this verse. So then, if we know we can do all things through Christ then why don’t we? I believe it’s because changing is not easy or simple and our issues are actually deeply rooted. Before we change we have to learn how to access the presence of God and fight battles through Him.

Friend, we all battle with issues and I will share with you how I overcame one of the biggest battles I struggled with: I worshipped, I prayed, I admitted the issues I had and let my pride go, I admitted that I couldn’t do it alone, I asked others for prayer, I thanked God for the victory in advance, I started to speak life over my situation and speak about myself the way God would, I began to replace my thoughts with truths, and I continued to seek the Kingdom of God even when I didn’t see the situation vanish. Lastly, I asked God to show me the root of the issue. Once the truth is exposed from an all knowing God there is no turning back and there is no more not knowing the root to our symptom.

If we could change in our own strength then we would all be perfect but we can’t. I’m the first to say it is not easy but it is easier through Christ. I pray this brings you hope in your circumstance that you may overcome something as simple as not throwing your laundry in the hamper every morning to overcoming lust, lying, and bad relationships. Whatever your situation may be, just ask God to show you the root of your struggle – He has already promised us He will answer.


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