My maker never named me unqualified, but I did. I marked myself unqualified as if I had the power to write off something God had created.

As I scroll down my Instagram feed, I see everyone else’s beautifully stitched together lives and think “well, they have done it again – killed this game called life”. I drink another sip of my coffee that probably has far too much sugar and artificial flavoring. At this point, it’s 8 am and I’m already 10 hours behind on all the things I wanted to accomplish for the day. Once again I bury my dreams on a direct flight to Guam, located at the farthest point in the back of my mind. Tomorrow is a new day I tell myself.

This past year, a pastor whom I respect and admire encouraged me that in this season the dreams that have been idle and buried deep inside me would make their way back to the surface and be known to me.

So, I’m over here waiting for my dreams, desires, passions, and gifts to just resurrect themselves magically and fashion themselves into something decent to present to the world.

That’s when it hit me… THE WORLD?!

Am I doing it for the world to see or am I doing it to bring Jesus to the world?

By my constant comparison, every time those dreams arose, they were shut back down because I had limited myself to what someone else had already accomplished. I was making it about me and not God. How many times do I miss out on what God has for me because I go through this process again and again?

I wrote myself off as unqualified because my heart was in the wrong place. I allowed other people’s moments of celebration and flawless pictures to discourage me to the point of

maybe I

just won’t be

used by


But God never said “you better compete with the gifts I give you” – I had made it a competition! God has placed different dreams and desires within each of us, none of which are remotely alike. So, when we devote those very things to glorifying God, they will never fail, they will never go to waste and they will be qualified the moment we put His name on it! They will be perfect for the will He created for each of our lives!

So, be encouraged the next time you feel unqualified or urged to compare yourself to someone’s success story! It’s an amazing thing that we don’t need to compete to glorify God. He is waiting to create an incomparable story in your life and you are qualified to walk in it by Him!


3 thoughts on “Unqualified

  1. Lily,
    You are real and right on! You get it more than most! Your time will come. In God’s timing! We have all been where you are (but rarely admitted it). God can use this… You for such a time as this! I am so looking forward to watching “it” unfold! You are making Jesus famous! Love you ❤️


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